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The VA Fraternity has invested significant effort in creating comprehensive resources, encompassing essential lessons, tools, and practice materials to enhance students' potential for success after completing the course. However, it's important to note that we cannot offer a universal guarantee that every student will achieve success in marketing themselves or securing high-ticket clients. 

Our company's products are conveniently available online through the graphy course platform. Upon approval of your purchase, we will proceed to process your request. Once your order has been successfully processed, you will receive a confirmation email at the email address provided in the order form. 

This email will act as your electronic purchase receipt and will contain the necessary details for accessing our company's product through the course platform.

Also, We maintain vigilant server monitoring to ensure customers can easily access our website and products. Please note that our products/course materials are intended for individual use on a single device, and sharing login credentials with others, including family and friends, is strictly prohibited.

While we aim to be accommodating, we have a zero-tolerance policy for download abuse. The company reserves the right to revoke your access to our servers if such abuse is detected.

Similar to how colleges and universities cannot assure employment post-graduation, it's important to note that students enrolled in any of The VA Fraternity's courses or programs, are not guaranteed automatic success or income upon course completion. All enrolled students acknowledge and accept this reality, understanding that the responsibility for securing clients lies solely with them.

Furthermore, prior to course enrollment, students acknowledge that their success and income are contingent on their own comprehension and application of the course material, content, and methodologies as presented in the course. Any failures stemming from not adhering to instructions, lacking personal aptitude, lacking prerequisite skills (such as not grasping essential concepts), or failing to invest the effort required to secure clients are not attributed to the courses, coaching programs, Masterminds, or their creator, Megha Maheshwari. The course equips students with all the essential tools needed to effectively perform the work and acquire clients.


The VA Fraternity Programs are educational courses designed for enrollment, not products that can be purchased, used, and returned if they don't meet your expectations. Once access is granted, due to the confidential and proprietary nature of the copyrighted content, we do not provide tuition fee refunds under any circumstances.

Similar to the policies in a college or university class, refunds cannot be requested from the instructor after course purchase.

These courses have been built with years of dedicated effort, and we firmly believe that by implementing the knowledge they offer, you'll not only recover your investment but also achieve substantial gains, a fact we frequently witness.

Our no-refund policy is in place to foster a community of dedicated professionals committed to taking actionable steps to improve their lives. Enrolling in these courses is a commitment, and if you're not ready to take action, we encourage you not to commit.

If you are a customer with concerns, please contact us at using the email address associated with your purchase. We believe that when you implement the course material, you'll see results. If you encounter challenges with the technology or find certain aspects of the course challenging, don't hesitate to reach out via email, and we'll guide you toward a solution.

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